Dadu District

Dadu District

Dadu District

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  • A place of simple scenic beauty, Dadu District is located at the southernmost tip of the Dadu Plateau. Overlooking Changhua across the Dadu River, it was the ruling center of the Pingpu Tribe’s Dadu Kingdom in the mid-16th century.
    This cross-tribal regime, which ruled for close to two centuries, had a deep influence in Central Taiwan. The name Dadu has always been closely connected with the region, throughout the Dutch colonial rule of Taiwan, the Qing Dynasty, the Japanese period, and even after retrocession.

    Beginning during the reign of the Qing Qianlong Emperor, a large population from Zhangzhou immigrated to Dadu and brought with them theculture, customs, and religious beliefs of the Han people. Due to its close proximity to the Tugeku Port, the economy in Dadu flourished. Local prominent fami l ies who made a fortune from their businessempires placed an importance on education. They volunteered to take on the responsibility of promoting local cultural development, from constructing temples and advancing sociology to building the Huangxi Academy and offering lectures to local students. The cultural and literary scene in Daduthrived with both intellect and emotion.

    Moving away from Dadu Plateau is a completely different landscape near Dadushan, where little villages are dependent on the elements, the wooden station at the Coast Line terminus, and space for local artists to create dreams.The old, the new, the traditional and the contemporary are scattered across the region like pearls, sparkling with serene radiance.
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