Wuqi District

Wuqi District

Wuqi District

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  • Wuqi (Note 1) is a small town along the coast. Lifestyles here in the early days involved, in addition to farming, the vast resources brought by the ocean, including cultivating aquatic plants, fishing, and trade with China. Thus the rise and fall of the Wuqi Port has had a profound effect on the development of the small piece of earth that is Wuqi.

    In 1770 (the 35th year of the Qing Qianlong Emperor), Wuqi began to engage in economic exchange with Taku Island near the Port of Quanzhou in Fujian so that by 1785, Wuqi had already developed into a market port. By the time of the Qing Daoguang Emperor, Wuqi had further developed into an important port for the rice trade of Central Taiwan. However, situated between the Dajia and Dadu Rivers, Wuqi was subject to heavy siltation, leading to the downfall of the port.

    In the 1930s , the Japanese government began to consider building a new port to help develop industry in Central Taiwan and even decided to build the Xinggao Port in Wuqi. Unfortunately the Japanese involvement in World War II caused them to abort the project. In 1945, the Japanese government announced their unconditional surrender and renounced all claims to Taiwan. This led to a rise in trade between Taiwan and China and allowed the port in Wuqi to flourish once again.

    The rebuilding and opening of the Taichung Port caused harbor related industries in Wuqi to move to brighter shores. The shape and form of Wuqi have changed time and time again following urban planning development andthe vicissitudes of time, and today Wuqi awaits a chance to again soar to great heights of prosperity.
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