Shalu District

Shalu District

Shalu District

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  • Shalu, located along the central coastal region, was the center of north-south transportation during the Qing Dynasty. When the Japanese completed the western coastal railway in 1922 (11th year of the Taisho period), Shalu became a hubfor travelers. After generations of progress and development, Shalu today, in addition to the railway linking the north to the south, is also home to an intersecting highway network, and the Taichung Airport. Due to the excellent transportation infrastructure, a strong foundation of industrial and commercial development has allowed the regional economy to flourish. According to archeological research, there is evidence that Shalu was inhabited as early as 4500 to 3500 years ago. In 1650, during the time of Dutch colonization, a census out of all Taiwan, was carried leaving behind a record of 30 households and 106 people for the Shalu community. This is the earliest recorded record of the Pingpu Tribe Shalu Community. Soon during periods of the pro-Ming Koxinga Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, Han people laid claim to the Shalu territory, taking over the best land and steadily forcing out the Pingpu communities. Shalu then became a predominantly Han society of immigrants from Quanzhou, China.

    Immigrants to Shalu were mostly farmers, yet since the soil of the Dadu Plateau is fairly infertile and water was difficult to come by, with only two streams to the north and south to draw on for paddies, they relied mostly on drought-resistant peanuts, sweet potatoes, and sugarcane. Naturally, agricultural development was limited due to the climate and soil conditions, and so residents of the Shalu region began to move towards industrial and commercial development. In the early stages,it was raditional agricultural production in rice mills and sugar refineries; later they developed ceramic, textile, and tailoring industries, and along with this came commercial development. Shalu, with such a foundation of diverseeconomic activities, soon became the ocial center of the western coastal area of Taichung City.
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