Waipu District

Waipu District

Waipu District

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  • The Waipu District is located on the northwestern border of Taichung City, east of Dajia. The entire area is composed of low hills and riverbeds. According to geographical surveys, Tiezhenshan and Shuiweishan were once linked to the ancient Da'an River, flowing northward, carving ridge after ridge into the mountain, creating the riverbed of Houli. The Pingpu Tribe were the earliest residents of eastern Dajia, living along the banks on either side of the lake, until the Minnan (or Hokkien) people entered the area and gradually settled the hilly land.

    In the final years of the Qing Dynasty, residents used their knowledge to complete various irrigation projects. During the Japanese period, the government integrated property rights from individual families and opened them up to everyone, enticing Hakka from Miaoli and Hsinchu to come southward and settle the land in the hilly upper regions. Now, lush green farm fields surround the lake and a quality farm industry has
    been developed.
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