Houli District

Houli District

Houli District

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  • Houli lies between the Dajia and Da'an Rivers. Once called Neipu, it was the shoreline territory of an old Pazeh aboriginal community and site of the north-south Mountain Line railway. The town was primarily settled by members of the Zhang and Chen families from Southern Fujian. During the beginning of the Japanese period, the successful development of the Da'an Canal attracted a large number of Hakka from Miaoli, who settled in villages like Gongguan, Lianhe, and Taiping. Hakka from Shigang and Dongshi in the
    East also crossed the mountain range to settle in the hills of eastern Houli.

    With the opening of the Yuemei Sugar Factory, sugar cane became a local specialty, and the village gradually became wealthy. In recent years, farmers have moved a step further and actively promoted floriculture. Lianhe and Taiping were the first flower growing regions in Houli. With Tai'an and Gongguan blossoming into regions for flowers and tourism, all four seasons create a gorgeous utopian impression.

    Visitors to Houli can see the scars ofthe earthquake in 1935 (the 10th year of the Showa period) in the Tianan Temple and Neipu Village Town Hall (now the Houli District Office). Today, though the Pingpu people, the original villagers in thiscommunity, have already integrated into Han lifestyles and social circles, the reason for their migration can be seen in the collapsed land around the Dajia River shore and the Shitougong (Rock Lord) at Litoubiao Fude Shrine.

    The Yuemei Sugar Factory and the Yamay Amusement Park are important Taiwanese leisure travel destinations in visitors can also find the Houli Horse Ranch alongside the Pilu Chan Monastery and old Mountain Line railway, and the factories of are Central Taiwan cience Park loom large nearby.
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