Da'an District

Da'an District

Da'an District

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  • Situated at the northwestern corner of Taichung City, Da'an is a coastal district where agriculture and fishing are the main economic activities. There are three basic fishing ports on the coastline, yet the depletion of ocean resources in recent years, along with the aging population of the fishing community, has left many boats beached on the sandy shores. The middle-aged and elderly of the village take care of farming while the younger generation seek work outside the village.

    To discover Da'an, start from the Administrative Center and travel east to Dongan. Follow the stone levee along the Dajia River westward to the Nanpu coast and admire the rural village landscape. En route from south to north, the coastline scenery changes from mudflats and sand beaches to gravel shores. Occasionally, dolphins can be seen searching for food. Da'an is the best location in Taichung City to enjoy itsmarine culture heritage. A variety of nearby attractions form a great travel route that includes hygrophila views of, leisure parks, and historic sites such as the Da'an Port Old Customs House.
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