Dajia District

Dajia District

Dajia District

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  • Dajia District is situated at the northwestern corner of Taichung City, between the Dajia River and Jiufangli River. It was originally settled by the Taokas people of the Pingpu Tribe. When the Han settlers first arrived in the area to cultivate land, the two groups shared the land in harmony. In 1731 (the 9th year of the Qing Yongzheng Emperor), officials in the Danshui Prefecture enslaved the indigenous Taiwanese to build staff dormitories, leading to the outbreak of the anti-Qing Dajia Xishelin Uprising. After the incident, large groups of Han Chinese poured into Dajia to cultivate the land. The efficacious power of Mazu at the Zhenlan Temple livened up the area, and various local businesses were established, bringing prosperity to the region. Upon arriving in Dajia, pay a visit to the Zhenlan Temple and explore the once glamorous Dajia Town. Visitors can learn the history of Dajia through Lin’s Chastity and Piety Memorial Arch, the Wenchang Shrine, the North Gate Fude Shrine, and the
    Jindingsan Pawnshop.

    There is arich history behind Tiezhenshan. With well-established facilities for hiking and exercise, it is a popular spot among locals. The Rinan Station is any railway enthusiast’s dream. Both the station and the nearby Da'an River Stone Bridge are official historic sites. The ten kilometer embankment next to the Da'an River is a levee from the Japanese period. Dajia taro and premium rice are grown on both sides of the river. As you cruise along the river, take a moment to admire the fruits of all of the hard work and wisdom the farmers apply to the land.

    The Hometown of Artisans is a recreational park at the remote northwestern tip of Dajia. Under the government’s guidance, some farmers have turned farmland into recreational farms, making use of the natural coastal ecosystem and enabling visitors to experience farm life.
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