Taichung’s Touristic Industrial and Cultural Museums

Taichung’s Touristic Industrial and Cultural Museums

Taichung’s Touristic Industrial and Cultural Museums

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  • Taichung is a city where diverse groups came to settle, resulting in expansive cultural development. The city boasts a diverse culture of textile making and industry. Whether Atayal hand-woven crafts, Shigang woven bamboo farming and fishing implements, the Fengyuan sack-making industry, or the Da’an, Dajia, and Qingshui straw-woven hat and mat industry, all are displays of the skill and artistry of our forefathers.

    Taichung Municipal Huludun Cultural Center’s Textile Craft Museum started from collecting and researching traditional Ayatal textiles and Dajia straw weaving to develop its goal of displaying “fibers, fashion, and green crafts,” giving shape to the only textile museum in Taichung City. The Dajia Rice Culture Museum and Wuqi AgricultureMuseum and Fishing Industry Museum on the Taichung coast give visitors a complete picture of past life in coastal agricultural and fishing villages, displaying farming and fishing tools and depicting the customs and culinary trends that emerged from this environment.

    Taichung’s Mutou Wood Workshop, Lien Cheng Saxophone Museum, and the Taiwan Balloon Museum all faced serious challenges due to increased labor-intensive industry costs and outward industry movement after the 1980s. Through the perseverance and transformation of these industries, they succeeded in integrating industry history, culture, innovation, and experiences into their business models, creating a new industrial miracle and becoming a favorite spot for weekend visitors and educational field trips.
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