Taichung’s Rebirth After the 921 Earthquake

Taichung’s Rebirth After the 921 Earthquake

Taichung’s Rebirth After the 921 Earthquake

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  • At 1:47am on September 21, 1999, a powerful earthquake shook the nation, causing widespread injury and numerous casualties. This earthquake, known as the 921 Earthquake, caused extensive damage throughout central Taiwan. After the quake, the geography of the regions traversed by the Chelongpu Fault was also drastically changed. However, nobody could have imagined that 10 years later a beautiful flower would bloom where destruction, fear, and grief had once ravaged the city. This astounding change has seen Taichung’s rebirth into an excellent site for geography education and weekend excursions, even emerging as a new paradigm for campus architecture.

    The Chelongpu Fault is like a sharp knife cutting across Nantou’s Zhushan and Caotun to Taichung’s Wufeng, Dakeng, Fengyuan, and Shigang, and then on to Miaoli’s Zhuolanneiwan, rending a deep fissure from south to north. The movement of this fault caused riverbeds and other topographical features to raise anywhere from 1.5 to 8 meters upward. However, by means of innovative design and planning, two new touristic sites named after the earthquake have emerged in this fault zone, giving new life to the region. These two new touristic spots are the 921 Earthquake Museum, which is located on No. 46 Zhongzheng Road in Wufeng District, and the 921 Earthquake Memorial Park, located at the Shigang Dam.
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