Taichung City’s Festivals and Events

Taichung City’s Festivals and Events

Taichung City’s Festivals and Events

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  • Taichung’s expansive area, along with the development of various ethnicities and diverse local cultures within the city, has lead to a plethora of folk festivals. Some of these festivals have been passed down from the native homes of early immigrants; others came to be in order to meet the needs of the local population, taking shape over time. Whether a product of cultural inheritance or to meet local needs, these festivals have all gradually become deeply entwined with local life. They have been passed down from generation to generation, with each adding its own innovations, to give shape to the diverse festivals and celebrations that we see in Taichung City today.

    Without a doubt, Taichung City’s most characteristic cultural events belong to the Mazu faith. Besides the famous Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage, there are festivals such as Wuqi’s Haotian Temple Beigang Pilgrimage, Xinshe’s Jiuzhuang Mazu Cultural Festival, the Hanxi Mazu Pilgrimage through 18 villages in Datun, and Nantun’s Mazu Homecoming. All of these festivals have been passed down over many generat ions and play important roles in their respective local communities. In addition, Dongshi’s Xindingban Festival reflects the importance of the bride and having children in agricultural societies of the past. These events not only preserve traditional art and culture, but also transmit to future generations the cultural inheritance that has been the lifeblood of local development.

    With their deep connections to local life, all of these festivals merit a visit to experience them first-hand. Once you experience for yourself the deafening peals of pounding drums and gongs, brilliant fireworks that fill the sky, the sincere countenances of endless rows of religious devotees, and food and beverages proffered by temple-goers, you will be reluctant to break free of the bond these festivals form between us all.
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