Shengang District

Shengang District

Shengang District

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  • Taking a stroll around the countryside of Shengang, steel factory buildings and wire-mesh fenced nurseries are interspersed across abundant paddy fields. This is an important industrial base in Taiwan for producing precision machines and potted plants. The steel factory buildings gave birth to the precision machining industry, which offers a higher profit margin than the electronics industry. In the early days, Shengang was known as ‘Taiwan’s lair of mechanics.’ After several restructuring programs, it has become one of the important bases of precise mechanical engineering. Potted plant nurseries sprang up like mushrooms in response to the agricultural impact of joining the WTO. The tremendous effort invested by agricultural experts and farmers transformed Shengang District from ‘a town of rice fields’ to a town boasting a refined, professional, specialized, and sustainable floriculture industry.

    Shengang was one of the first areas in Taichung to be cultivated by Han Chinese immigrants. It is home to Shekou Wanxing Temple, the oldest Mazu temple in northern Taichung. It is also the hometown of two of the top-ten traditional Taiwanese residences—Daifudi in Shekou Village and Xiaoyun Villa in Sanjiao Village. Shengang District was once the social center of the Pazeh Tribe. The Pazeh people left behind their legacy including Dashe Christian Church, a Pazeh religious and culturalcenter, and huweiliao residences that the Han Chinese built by adopting the Pazeh tribe's home-building techniques. These are a testament to the ethnic integration and diversity of Shengang throughout its history.

    For hundreds of years, Shengang District has continued to grow and evolve in the tides of history. In order to enhance industrial competitiveness, Fengzhou Industrial Technology Park is actively pursuing construction and development projects. Farmers are also moving towards sustainable agricultural management. Moreover, the government, academics, and local residents need to appreciate the significance of cultural heritage from past eras in order to fulfill their management and preservation responsibilities.
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