Longjing District

Longjing District

Longjing District

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  • Longjing District is situated on the north side of the Dadu River. Before Han Chinese immigrated to the region and began farming, Longjing was the primary social region for the Papora people of the Pingpu Tribe in Shuiligang. Duringthe reigns of the Qing Kangxi and Yongzheng Emperors, the Han immigrants sailed across the strait and arrived in Shuiligang before establishing and expanding settlements from coastal regions to inland areas. The settlers of different family clans brought various cultural customs and religious beliefs to the villages in the area.

    The land near the Dadu River was one of the first areas in Longjing to be cultivated by the Han immigrants. The ancient Wang Ye Fushun Temple in Shuiligang has witnessed thechanges to the coastal region over the centuries. The Chen Sangang Ancestral Hall in Jiatou Village abides by a family motto that aspires to “nurture talent generation after generation and advance the village.” Continuing towards the mountains, both the Longmujing (or “dragon eye wells”), from which Longjing derives its name, and Zhukeng Nanliao Old Path, which contains evidence of the ancestral cultivation of Dadushan, have both been given a new look in recentyears. At the other end of Dadushan The pleasant scenery of the Nanliao Old Trail offers views of Dadushan and surrounding valleys.
    peak is the most impressive emerging business district in the Longjing mountain area, comprised of the beautiful Donghai University, the lively Donghai night market, and the sophisticated Donghai Art Street.

    Take a trip to Longjing and follow the footprints of ancestors from Shuiligang, along Jiatou and Zhukeng and on to Nanliao on Dadushan, and enjoy the beautiful sunset of the west coast from high above. Stroll the Art Street and find a lovely spot to contemplate and savor the moment. There are many more surprises waiting to be discovered in this small village tucked away between the mountains and the sea.
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