Wuri District

Wuri District

Wuri District

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  • Geographically, Wuri District lies between Dadushan in the north and Baguashan in the south. It is the central hub for the most important highway and railway lines in Taichung City.

    Currently, the only High Speed Railway Station in central Taiwan is in Wuri District. The building hosts both the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR or just HSR) Wuri Station and the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Xinwuri Station. Eventually, once the Taichung MRT Green Line (Wenxin Beitun Line) is completed, the inclusion of the MRT will make Wuri Station a “three rail” station. Since the HSR started operations, there has been improved economic activity in Wuri District. The HSR brought an influx of people to Wuri and increased the commercial atmosphere in the region.
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